Perpetual Equilibrium
Right-Mindfulness Course for Stress Reduction and Depression Relapse Prevention

Right-Mindfulness Course for Stress Reduction and Depression Relapse Prevention

The 8-weeks RMBI course is a complementary self-development programme to understand the comprehensive engineering of human conditions.

The RMBI – is the second-generation mindfulness that has emerged from Traditional Buddhism, Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Metaphysics, Modern Psychology, and Spirituality. The RMBI integrates ethical practices within everything we teach and within our range of expertise, as per Buddhist and other Indic Traditions. 

 This RMBI encompasses the first-generation mindfulness intervention (FGM) such as; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) formats, but with an integrated psycho-spiritual framework. 

The programme is specifically designed to help you to:

  • Understand the nature of suffering and its impact on your psychological and physiological ill-health
  • Learn practical methods to self-healing, self-care and self-improvement
  • Explore the diverse traditional methods of healing to reduce and eliminate your current ill-health state
  • Apply the right meditative techniques and traditional concepts for an initial psycho-spiritual inquiry/path
  • Redefine purpose, meaning and values of your life and it means to be human
  • Nurture your psychological, emotional and physical needs through self-compassion to navigate during time of hardship, life transition, loss, grief, uncertainties, fear, doubt, illness, loss of control over certain aspects of life, academic life, professional difficulties, personal issues, family conflicts, spiritual crisis.

RBMI has been found to help our clients to discover who they really are, transform old habits, trauma, fear and self-actualise by connecting with their authentic self.

The course takes place on a one to one or group setting on a weekly basis, 2 hours per week for eight weeks, on-line or in-house, plus 3x sessions follow-up of an hour span over 12 months £296 per person.