Perpetual Equilibrium
Psychological Consultancy

Psychological Consultancy

We offer a ‘One to One’ holistic assessment to help determine the right course or self-development programme for you. 

The psychological consultation process is part of a stepped-health and wellbeing model to accommodate different levels of therapeutic care:

STEP 1: a free 15 minutes discovery call with one of our team members.

STEP 2: a one hour, one to one consultation with the relevant team member (extra fee of £10 may apply per every 30 min after the first hour). The one to one consultation is the second step to your path to healing. The importance of the consultation is designed to obtain a full assessment of the whole person to identity the psychological distress or need on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. At this stage of your consultation, the team can then create a personalised therapeutic pathway that models exactly the right prescription to meet your health and wellbeing requirements, either on a one to one or group basis.

From the assessment outcome, the multi-disciplinary team will make the final decision on the best approach to begin your path to healing.

STEP 3: attending the appropriate course, coaching or counselling with a review of progression.

STEP 4: retreat

Initial assessment fee is £35.