Perpetual Equilibrium
Our Vision

Our Vision


Perpetual Equilibrium® aims to guide individuals on their journey of well-being. Using a combination of therapies helping the mind and the body to find centeredness and balance. We love our community and we love our NHS, but we are very aware that the NHS staff do not have the time to give to people, or that there are very long waiting lists. We are a multi disciplinary team of Health Professionals from various background that cares about giving you not only the best treatment that you deserve; but by giving you the time that should be provided to you for a complete therapeutic pathway as part of a true care.

Perpetual Equilibrium® will spend the time that you need to make the changes you need to live well.

Perpetual Equilibrium® is the latest most sophisticated approach to Health and Well-being that integrates Indic Wisdom and Modern Clinical Expertise in the understanding of human psychology.

Perpetual Equilibrium® also incorporate other Indic traditions as valuable ancient teachings in the development of the individual’s personal growth on a psychological, emotional, physical and transpersonal level.

Perpetual Equilibrium® endorses a Focused Psycho-Spiritual Therapeutic approach to the Whole-Person in providing psychological development, care and support to understanding the nature of human suffering.

Perpetual Equilibrium® offers mental health and emotional health support and care to the individuals in urgent needs.

All courses and workshops focus on direct humane experiences, providing tailored solutions to life conflicts and their impact on your health. As well as promoting sustainable mental resilience by structuring the right lifestyle change safely and in a supportive manner.