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Food Addiction

Food Addiction

Food addiction is an under-recognised health condition, yet it is as prevalent as binge eating. Since the pandemic there has been an increase in access to eating disorder services especially for binge eating disorder and bulimia. This has led to extremely long waiting lists with people feeling isolated and unable to cope.

Fortunately, research has begun to recognise the link between its symptoms and their impact on the individual’s psychological, emotional physiological and spiritual health and wellbeing not just in the obese population; but also in the wider population affecting both women and men.

W food addiction begins to hinder our health, jobs, relationships to the point that just the ‘thought’ of food occupies 99% of our head, disabling us from joyous, fulfilling lives.

This initial ‘thought’ begins when one desires to escape from suffering caused by past or current trauma, loss, fear, or anger is not an issue in the very first instance. The problem is when these thoughts become obsessive, in turn, this obsession creates a reality in which one takes refuge.

To overcome and manage more efficiently food addiction, it is essential to step out of the medical, behavioural and addiction models that focus only on symptoms by exploring the mind-body connection.

Ellen and Stephan have designed the course backed with evidence-based research, to help you understand the link between physical and psychological urges triggered by thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions, (i.e., loneliness, anxiety, resentment, grief, tiredness, exhaustion). In addition to this, the course provides traditional methods of healing to develop, maintain and cultivate self-care strategy when experiencing unpleasant experiences.

More importantly, the course is designed to help you realise that in the attempt to control unpleasant feelings that we experience, is in fact, a temporary solution to fill in a void. This void is foremost a spiritual void, a search for security and safety by connecting to the divine.

All courses take place in a group setting online or in-house on a weekly basis, 2 hours per week for 12 weeks, on-line or in-house, £395 per person.