Perpetual Equilibrium
Conscious Health and Wellness

Conscious Health and Wellness

(increasing self-awareness, human enhancement and empowerment)

Why Conscious Health?

‘Conscious Health’ is a practical introduction to Right-Mindfulness training focusing on the latest models and modalities of health and wellness rooted in Buddhist Psychology.

Conscious Health is a pre-requisite training programme to prepare individuals with mild to severe physical and psychological ill-health who are not yet ready to attend Mindfulness-based Interventions (MBis) and/or psycho-spiritual programmes offered by our Perpetual equilibrium.

This pre-requisite programme helps these individuals to build with confidence their understanding and skills on the foundation of human self-development and traditional healing techniques.

Conscious Health re-establishes the authentic and undiluted teachings of our lineage by restoring the misguided practice of Westernised mindfulness (as known as the first-generation mindfulness intervention -FGM) with the practice of Right-Mindfulness. Unlike the first-generation mindfulness such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Right-Mindfulness is the second-generation mindfulness that integrates ethical practices within our teaching. It means that we engage ourselves to prioritise your safety first, to maintain your integrity, your physical and psychological welfare at all time.

The course will help you to:

Develop an understanding of the science behind the mind-body connection,

Explore one’s current psychological and physiological conditions and states by examining the root of cause, of our current psychological distress,

Learn to reduce and eliminate one’s survival response – Fight, Flight, and Freeze mode and re-establish body homeostasis,

Learn to evaluate and self-diagnose the impact of one’s ill-health on psychological, emotional, physical and transpersonal levels,

Develop and maintain self-care strategies by gradually cultivating a conscious-awareness attitude of the Body, the Breath, and the Authentic Self within a psycho-spiritual framework,  

Enable a higher possibility to ‘healing’ by bringing one’s the mind and body to connect with our authentic self within an ethical choice of health pathway.