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Combined Therapy: Right-Mindfulness and Dietetics

Combined Therapy: Right-Mindfulness and Dietetics

Right-Mindfulness – Based Diabetes Recovery

Being diagnosed with Diabetes can be a life changing event. Managing diabetes is not only just sticking to the insulin regimen and diet requirements as prescribed by your dietitian. The real issue is when trying to deal with setback; i.e. missing a shot of insulin or not eating healthily.

Heba is a registered dietitian with the NHS, who has several years experience in working with diabetic patients. Heba realised over the years that seeing her patients for only 15 minutes per appointments, hardly solved the concerns and struggles the patients expressed over their condition.

Heba understands that the psychological impact of diabetes on patients upon receiving the diagnosis and the symptoms linked to the condition directly change the course of their life.

Eventually, living with diabetes affects individual’s perception of themselves (self-image), increases emotional ill-health like stress, anxiety, depression, fear over insulin adjustment; but more importantly, accompanied with psychological comorbidities.

These psychological comorbidities can vary from body image issue such as developing eating disorders – food addiction or leading to behavioural and conduct disorders – self-harm, self-abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-neglect, self-criticism, isolation, withdrawal from social interactions.

Therefore, integrating dietetics and right-mindfulness will help you to not only manage diabetes, but to understand the psychological impact of diabetes on a psychological emotional, physiological level and in some cases on a transpersonal level.

In a holistic approach to overcome diabetes, you will become the expert in designing their own self-care strategies more sustainably and managing diabetes to its optimum. 

You will spend 24 face-to-face hours with Heba – Registered Dietitians and Stephan – Right-Mindfulness Teacher for 12 weeks. This will include ongoing support post course – 3 follow ups appointments spread over the year from when the course finishes.

Right-Mindfulness-Based Weight Reduction

For Weight Reduction you will be working with Ellen and Heba – Registered Dietitians who has been there and has a sincere understanding of how difficult day to day life is whilst being obese and even more so the trials that trying to lose weight can bring.

As a Registered Dietitian, they will go through various diets and lifestyles changes available and together we will find one that works for you and your lifestyle and your needs.

However, this only works on the body. The reasons we overeat can also be psychological in nature working with a Registered Dietitian and  Right-Mindfulness Teacher can bring about a balance between body and mind that will ensure new changes are sustainable.

You will spend 24 face-to-face hours with Ellen or Heba – Registered Dietitians and Stephan – Right-Mindfulness Teacher for 12 weeks. This will include regular guidance weigh-ins and ongoing support.

All courses take place in a group setting online or in-house on a weekly basis, 2 hours per week for 12 weeks, on-line or in-house, £700 per person.