Perpetual Equilibrium

Perpetual Equilibrium

Sustaining Health & Wellbeing Through Inner Balance

Wellness Sessions

We can help you with ​ stress, PTSD, depression, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis and other chronic conditions with our range of wellness courses and sessions.

Right-Mindfulness Course for Stress Reduction and Depression Relapse Prevention

The 8-weeks RMBI course is a complementary self-development programme to understand the comprehensive engineering of human conditions. The RMBI – is the second-generation mindfulness that has emerged from Traditional Buddhism, Buddhist Psychology, Buddhist Metaphysics, Modern...

Long Covid Health and Wellbeing Support

Preparing and Transforming our Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Guilt through Meditation Medicine. The globalisation of COVID-19 is imminent. Its global impact creates great fear, panic, and psychological exhaustion. Damaging Social and Professional structures, healthcare systems and...

Psychological Consultancy

We offer a ‘One to One’ holistic assessment to help determine the right course or self-development programme for you.  The psychological consultation process is part of a stepped-health and wellbeing model to accommodate different levels...