Perpetual Equilibrium

Perpetual Equilibrium

Sustaining Health & Wellbeing Through Inner Balance

Wellness Sessions

We can help you with ​ stress, PTSD, depression, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis and other chronic conditions with our range of wellness courses and sessions.

Right Mindfulness Course

The 8-weeks RMBI course is a complementary self-development programme to understand the comprehensive engineering of human conditions. This RMBI- is the second-generation mindfulness that has emerged from Traditional Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology that integrates ethical...

Our Vision

BIRMINGHAM COMMUNITY WELL-BEING Perpetual Equilibrium® aims to guide individuals on their journey of well-being. Using a combination of therapies helping the mind and the body to find centeredness and balance. We love our community and we...

Psychological Consultancy

We offer a ‘One to One’ holistic assessment to help determine the right course or self-development programme for you.  As part of Perpetual Equilibrium ethics, we have acknowledged the current possible contra-indications (i.e., side effects)...